V02 Lifting Capacity 250kg

  • Aluminum alloy casting
  • IP66 fully waterproof structure design
  • Safe and stable patented braking system
  • Available in single or dual brake systems
  • Used in stage construction or mobile performances, stage scenery, audio, lighting and hanging, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, TV stations and other places

Product Details:

Model Rated load (kg) Lifting Speed (m/min) Power Supply Motor Power(kw) Chain Specification (mm) Chain
Chain Weight
Degree of Protection Insulation class Braking System
V02 250 4 380V/50Hz/3P 0.2 5 X 15 8 1 13.3 0.5 IP66 F Single
V02 + 250 4 380V/50Hz/3P 0.2 5 X 15 8 1 15.3 0.5 IP66 F Double

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