V05 Lifting Capacity 500kg

1. Box body: China’s first high-strength aluminum alloy box body, gravity casting technology is one-time molding, compact structure, light weight, small size, fully sealed and waterproof design, surface black matte electrostatic spray coating.
2.Transmission device: high-precision helical gear transmission,the gear is in a permanent lubrication system, the gear runs smoother, quieter, and prolongs its service life.
3.Reliability: Patent hoist with overload protection clutch, to protect the operator and equipment safety and hanging product from being damaged in case of overload.
4.High-strength PVC chain storage bag, hanging upside down or upside down.
5.The upper and lower hooks can be rotated 360 degrees and are equipped with safety locks.
6.PVC high-strength carrying handle.
7.European-style waterproof aviation plug.
8.The whole machine is designed to be used upside down or upside down, without modification.
9.Built-in adjustable limit switch or encoder,Electric hoist Automatically stop at any predetermined position during ascent or descent (optional).

Product Details:

Model Rated load(KG) LiftingSpeed(m/min) power supply Motorpower(kw) Chain specification(mm) Chain lenght(m) Chain safety factor N.W with chain(kg) G.W with box(kg)
V05 500 4 415V/50Hz/3P
0.4 6×18 25 8.95 46 64.5

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