BT34 Square Circle Truss

BT34 Series truss is constructed of main tubes (50 x 2 mm) and diagonals (20 x 2 mm). Equipped with the CCS6 conical coupling system, the BT34 truss is fast and easy to assemble. The BT34 truss can be found in rental fleets all over the globe, where its optimum strength and flexible application possibilities makes it well loved and much used. BT34 truss circles are very measure steady and can be combined with any length or corner.

Product Details:

In addition to straight lengths, BRAVOSTAGE manufactures circular trusses, curved trusses and arcs. These trusses are manufactured with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring a perfect fit without distortion. Semi-automated welding jigs are used for production to ensure that all parts are identical. This guarantees that every segment of a circle truss can be mounted at any position or be replaced by a new part without affecting the integrity or overall shape of the circle truss.

Circular or curved trusses are manufactured in different diameters or degrees. When ordering a complete circular truss, the number of cuttings required (each segment requires one cut) must be indicated. Couplers do not have to be ordered separately, as they are included in the amount of cuttings ordered. A “cutting” divides the circle into segments. Individual segments cannot be longer than 5 metres. Bravostage recommends segment lengths of between 3/4 metres, and an even number of segments. For further details in this regard, please refer to the Bravostage BlackBook, “Technical Matters”.

This loading figures is based on Uniformly Divided Suspension Points and a suspended load in each of the fields. In all other cases, this loading data is NOT valid.
If loads are unevenly divided, instability will occur. For more details and loading figures of other diameters, please visit our website.
The absence of diagonal braces at the top and/or bottom side of the truss means a dramatic reduction in the allowable loading; a structural report per situation is required for these models.
Loading figures are based on Eurocode; to comply with BS 7905-2 / ANSI E1.2-2006 / CWA 15902-2, the loading data must be multiplied by 0.85.
Truss orientation apex-up/down. Truss 100% horizontal.

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