Single Tube Truss

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Single tubes with welded connectors offer a range of possibilities out of the ordinary. As extension, drop arm, drape weight; the possibilities are endless. The tubes use the same CCS6 connection as the trusses. Some tubes are fitted with a clamp – offering extra options for use. Single tubes are not rated with any loading capacity.

Product Details:

MODEL               HEIGHT UNIT        WEIGHT
TUBE 0.5M F24      1.64ft/0.5m             1lbs/0.45kg
TUBE 1.0M F24      3.28ft/1m                 1.5lbs/0.68kg
TUBE 1.5M F24      4.92ft/1.5m              2lbs/0.91kg
TUBE 2.0M F24     6.56ft/2m                2.5lbs/1.14kg

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