Steel Indexable Forkends Pre Rig Truss 10ft(3M). Fixed Height.

Model :14×24 Long Leg
Height :14
Width :24
Standard Connection :Vertical Fork
Connection Options :Indexable/Sliders
Leg Charts Available :Yes – Holds 10 or 5
Leg Spec :Leg Lengths 5-8-10′
Available Lengths :5-8-10′
Weight – Legs/No Legs :5′ – 160/104 lbs. , 8′ – 191/128 lbs. , 10′ – 212/144 lbs.

Product Details:

Pre Rig Truss Features:
Universal fit; one leg fits all newly manufactured sizes.
Compact Leg Cart – Smaller profile, easier storage.
Threaded Forkends – Option vs. indexable & slider forkends to create arches;
Original Features
Standard lengths: 10’, 8’, and 5’. Custom lengths available.
Comes with vertical forkends and standard hardware connection.
Create arches with vertical forkends.
Indexable Forkends allows you to change forkend orientation onsite and to make arches.
Add Rotate Forkend Sliders for another option to create arches.

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