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Mobile Stage

Bravo Mobile Folding Stage




Technical Data                                                                                                                            

Type4x8ft, 6x8ft                                         
Wooden Thickness18mm
Carpet colourBlack or  color customzie


BSIFS1624                                4x8ft/ 6x8ft 0.4-0.6m hight mobile stage platforms
BSIFS24324x8ft/6x8ft 0.6-0.8m hight mobile stage platforms


Stage Accessary                                                                                                                           

Some more stage accessaries are available, such as guardrailings for stage platform and staps/ stairs, skirts/ curtains, ramp, trolley and so on.

                               Step/ Stair                                                     Skirt/ Guardrail                                            Ramp/ Hand Railing


Bravo Mobile Stage system offers the superior advantages of a mobile folding stage. It has a variety of height
combinations with 16"/24", 24"/32" choices. Bravo Mobile Stages are available in 4'x8' and 6'x8' deck sizes. Each
Mobile Folding Stage rolls freely on its own 4 heavy duty wheels to wherever it's needed.
Each section of Bravo Mobile Folding Stage is designed to be handled by one person, so cost savings in labor and
set-up times are substantial. Since each stage unit is self-contained, it not only saves time and money, but also
valuable storage space.
The larger 6'x8' stage platform units yield more square footage, so you purchase fewer units than with the
traditional 4’X8’ sized decks. Fewer pieces to move and store make this option your best long-term investment
plus a significant cost savings is achieved.

Just rig it, Bravo!